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Métodos de pagamento
Limites de levantamento
 por mês
8.000 $
 por semana
2.000 $
 por dia
500 $
Superior Group VIP
< 1.000.000 $
  • Curaçao (GCB)
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Avaliação Shazam Casino

Avaliamos Shazam Casino completamente e atribuímos uma classificação de reputação muito boa,o que significa que é um ótimo casino para apostar. Na nossa avaliação, nós consideramos as reclamações dos jogadores sobre o casino, receitas estimadas, licença, genuinidade dos jogos, qualidade do apoio ao cliente, imparcialidade dos termos e condições, limites de ganhos e levantamentos, entre outros fatores. Shazam Casino está relacionado com outros casinos online abaixo listados e a sua classificação é positivamente influenciada por eles. Leia a avaliação completa e aprenda mais sobre este casino.

De acordo com a nossa pesquisa e estimativas, Shazam Casino é um casino online pequeno no que diz respeito a receitas. Pertence a um grupo de casinos com receitas combinadas um pouco elevadas, porém apenas vamos classificar como um grupo de média dimensão apenas. As receitas de um casino são um fator importante, quanto maiores forem os casinos menos problemas devem ter para pagar grandes ganhos, ao passo que pequenos casinos podem potencialmente resistir se tentar ganhar mesmo em grande.

Nós encontramos reclamações não relevantes sobre este casino.

Aviso: Shazam Casino tem certas seções dos Termos e Condições que consideramos serem injustas para os jogadores do casino. Por causa disto, nós aconselhamos a procurar um casino com regras justas ou pelo menos tenha uma especial atenção aos Termos e Condições do casino se decidir jogar nele.

Baseado em toda a informação mencionada nesta avaliação, podemos dizer conclusivamente que Shazam Casino é um casino online muito bom. Pode esperar ser bem tratado e ter uma experiência agradável se escolher jogar aqui.

Métodos de pagamento

Métodos de pagamento
Limites de levantamento
 por mês
8.000 $
 por semana
2.000 $
 por dia
500 $

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Fornecedores do jogo


  • Possui jogos com dealer ao vivo
  • Apoio por chat ao vivo disponível 24/7


  • Limite de retirada mensal abaixo da média
  • Casino relativamente novo, não comprovado pelo tempo
  • Pouca oferta de fornecedores de jogos

Factos interessantes

  • Casino internacional pequeno
Autor & Avaliador: Natalia Burlutskaia Última atualização: 26/10/2021
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Bónus Shazam Casino

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Avaliações dos utilizadores (44)

Avaliação dos utilizadores de Shazam Casino

Este é um lugar para partilhar as suas experiências no(a) Shazam Casino. Leia o que outros jogadores escreveram ou escreva sua própria crítica e deixe todos conhecerem suas qualidades positivas e negativas com base em sua experiência pessoal.


Classificado por 44 utilizadores

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• há 2 semanas
Let me tell you. Worst casino experience I've ever had in my life. I won $16000 on my initial $50 deposit. Because of their promotion rules I can only cash out $1000. They clearly state these rules so it's not like I didn't know but cool. So from the start of getting verified to finally getting verified took 2 weeks. They will only respond 4 days after you ha e submitted anything. So if a verification form isn't correct then you wait for more days after you resubmit something just for them to respond 4 days later to tell you you need something else then the 4 days starts over. But once I finally got verified I tried to cash out $500. Their website says $500 a day and $2000 a week. They say it can take up to 7 business days to approve the withdraw. What they should say is it WILL take 7 days to approve the withdraw. So after 7 business days they finally approve my withdraw request but only approve $300 of the $500 I requested. It's now been a week since I was approved for the $300 withdraw and my bank hasn't seen anything from them. To be honest I doubt I'll ever get this money that I won fairly.
  • None at all
  • Adhere to their rules by the book when it benefits them but deviate from their rules when it doesn't benefit them
  • Slowest cash out time I've ever experienced in my life
  • Very slow response time when communicating with finance dept
• há 2 semanas
Very bad, RTP fake, manipulated slots
• há 2 semanas
What I appreciate about Shazam Casino is how they have a lot of promising games on its roster. I appreciate any site that has. great selection of live dealer games as well. I just hope that they can work with more game providers to help diversify the experience.
• há 2 meses
They wont authorize my account to allow withdrawal funds.
I have $2100 in winnings for over a month that they will not release after about 50 calls/100 emails/countless online chat inquiries/ resolution center did nothing besides drag it on another month.and then denied my case.
  • They will take your deposit quickly
  • They only have 10 +/- active gamblers (within the last 2 months) and can't afford to payout winnings.
• há 2 meses
This is just another example of a rip off scam bunch of crooks who rake in money but dont pay out. It could not be any clearer by their own account log or the pic of the Keno game that I won $10,000 and they just dont want to payme. DONT PLAY THIS CASINO. BAN THEM. THEY ARE LIARS, AND SCAMMERS.
• há 3 meses
J-ROB SCORE (JRS): 6/10. New spot. Unique interface. They have this whole schtick about wizardry and sorcery and whatnot? Decent chance of cashing, but you will wait for it.
**The Skinny on Payouts - In a word, yikes. They CLEARLY advertise 7-day payouts on the main withdrawal page. Once you actually get your documents approved (which took what seemed like an eternity - probably at least 10 days to be accurate), buried in their VERY CASINO FAVORABLE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, IT APPARENTLY STATES THAT IT IS GENUINELY 7 BUSINESS DAYS TO RECEIVE A PAYOUT. BUSINESS DAYS START:
*AFTER your documents are approved
*AFTER you actually realize that docs are approved (The finance department does not communicate AT ALL with you to verify your withdrawal request or at any point thereafter. No. Seriously. They will not even respond to an email. Ever.)
*AFTER you finally submit a withdrawal request.
-- Then, and only then, does the payout clock start. Ugh. Tired just explaining that. Imagine what it feels like to wait for a payout. The finance department has 7 BUSINESS, or, as they term them, WORKING days, from this point, to issue your payout. What is a working day anyway? These casinos are in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, they are always working, right?? So, the bottom line here is that advertising 7-Day payouts on their main withdrawal page is absolute garbage. Just not true.
**Fairly responsive customer service re: free play: Frequently provide cash back or a $10 or $15 free chip, even if you have used free/match bonuses recently. That is why I gave them a 3/5 or 6/10 (JRS). I feel it is very necessary to mention, though, that the customer service reps continue to copy and paste the company line regarding checking terms and conditions and that it is stated in those terms and conditions that payouts are 7 BUSINESS or WORKING days. They are robots. They will not act as an intermediary with the finance department whatsoever. They will just keep circle talking you. And they are not too bright, or maybe well-versed in casino lingo, just my opinion.
**Rookies: This casino is less than a year old, so they are still paying out a bit. At least that has been my experience. In the less than one year that they have been in operation, I have been playing pretty much from Day 1. I have deposited roughly $400 and have cashed roughly $850.
**CONSISTENT PLAY BONUS $ OR WITHDRAWABLE $: One positive I will end with is that gameplay is consistent whether you are playing on a bonus, or have withdrawalable funds. That is a feather in their cap. You guys know the typical deal, right? Everything is peaches and cream when you have a $1,200 playthrough. And as soon as you get knocked down to that withdrawable amount . . . lose, lose, lose. Thanks for playin.


*J-ROB SCORE: 6/10
Playin . . . BARELY.
  • Free chips and cash back abound.
  • Unique interface. I have found it nowhere else.
  • Consistent play, bonus or withdrawable funds.
  • Watching paint dry is like an amusement park compared to waiting for a payout.
  • Support staff are not knowledgeable at all about casino gaming online.
  • Terms and conditions heavily favor casino.
• há 4 meses
Customer service is polite.
However, the response is surprisingly slow. It takes more than a week.
It takes a lot of effort to verify your identity.
There is no ecopayz or stickpay and many do not accept credit cards.
I deposited about $ 25 in Bitcoin.
The delay is serious. It's like a witch manipulating time.
Even if I submitted everything and passed, I was told to call.

Gameplay → Gameplay Through → Send Identity Verification → Call Request

I'm not a native, so telephone consultation can be a daunting task.
It took more than a month, but it seems impossible.
It's like waiting for you to give up.
The company hates withdrawals of $ 100.
Needless to say, the big bucks you earn will be countered by magic.
Hokey pokey Thank you. I learned the lesson.
  • The reception is decent.
  • There is no problem with the gameplay.
  • The staff were very kind.
  • The response is very slow.(The flow of time may be different from the magical land.)
  • There are few deposit methods and credits are often rejected.
• há 5 meses
ótimo site de procura de bônus de cassino
  • fácil entendimento
• há 5 meses
I have deposited twice on this casino, first time 15 dollars, then 10. I managed to win second time and withdrew 200 dollars, which was the maximum cashout allowed. The verification process took 9 business days, 13 days in total. The withdrawal approval took 5 business days, 7 in total. To be clear, it took 29 days from the moment i won to get the money finally in my bank account. In their terms and conditions, it says verification takes up to 3 to 4 business days, same goes with withdrawal. A casino which does not respect its own terms and conditions cannot get a 8.1 out of 10. In plus, after that small win, they took me out from any promotions, i can just deposit and play. But when we lose like 10 deposits, they do not ask if we want to fix limit or something.
  • I like rtg slots, there are a lot and most are fun. I just wish some were a little bit slower because some are really too fast even with the lowest speed.
  • Customer chat service
  • Withdrawal takes almost a month
  • They ban you from promotions if you just win once.
  • The casino does not respect its own terms and conditions.
• há 5 meses
lousy customer service and support, they have basicaly stolen my bitcoin several times.. email me I have several documents and email chats whith them...
  • stolen my bitcoin
• há 7 meses
Pouca seleção de jogos, mas os jogos que joguei, ganhei com frequência e muito.
Quando eu queria sacar, então o valor era menor que o saldo, então eles dizem que cobram uma taxa de verificação, e você tem que ser chamado pelo cassino e tem que enviar um documento por e-mail, caso contrário você não poderá sacar seu dinheiro, eles ligaram eu, meu telefone interrompia as conversas o tempo todo, então provavelmente terei que jogar a vitória para um saque, provavelmente não será
  • Ganha muito dinheiro em alguns dos jogos
  • A taxa de verificação é deduzida do lucro, e muito trabalho e trabalho antes que você possa sacar o dinheiro
• há 7 meses
Que idas e vindas. Bônus jogado, tudo cumprido, deseja depositar, mas apenas mensagens de erro. Suporte não importa
Justificação da reputação

Explicação da reputação do(a) Shazam Casino

Confira a explicação dos fatores que consideramos ao calcular a classificação da reputação do(a) Shazam Casino. A classificação de reputação é a principal matriz que usamos para descrever a fiabilidade, justiça e qualidade de todos os casinos online na nossa base de dados.

Receitas do grupo de casinos (últimos 4 anos): Médias
Termos e condições: Ligeiramente injustos
Listas negras: Nenhuma
Rácio entre tamanho e reclamações: Muito bom
Outros fatores: Ligeiramente negativo
Ferramentas de jogo responsável: Bom

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Termos e condições injustos

  • Este casino proíbe algumas estratégias e padrões de apostas (mesmo ao jogar sem dinheiro bónus), embora não tenhamos testemunhado o uso desta regra contra os jogadores.

Outros fatores

  • Limite de levantamento baixo: 8.000 $ / mês

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Métodos de pagamento

Métodos de Pagamento Shazam Casino

Navegue através da vista geral dos métodos de pagamento suportados pelo Shazam Casino, juntamente com os limites e taxas relacionadas às transações de ou para a sua conta no casino.

Método de Pagamento   Depósito
Limites & taxas
Limites & taxas
Tempo de levantamento
VISA VISA 25 $ - 1.000 $
100 $ - 2.000 $
2 - 7 dias
Mastercard Mastercard 25 $ - 1.000 $
100 $ - 2.000 $
2 - 7 dias
Neosurf Neosurf 10 $ - 250 $
Indisponível -
American Express American Express 25 $ - 1.000 $
100 $ - 2.000 $
2 - 7 dias
Bitcoin Bitcoin 25 $ - 1.000 $
100 $ - 2.000 $
2 - 7 dias
Bank wire Bank wire Indisponível 100 $ - 2.000 $
5 - 7 dias
PayID PayID 25 $ - 1.000 $
Indisponível -
BPay BPay 25 $ - 1.000 $
Indisponível -