Fórum Casinos Pelaa Casino - discussão geral

Pelaa Casino - discussão geral

há uma semana yael_mak
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há uma semana

Poor conduct. They do not take responsible gaming seriously. this is evident by my complaint. Avoid, avoid, avoid, avoid.

yael_mak há uma semana

I'm just looking at your complaint. Do I understand it correctly that you requested to be self-excluded without even being registered in the casino and then you registered there and played between April - December?

Daniel há uma semana

Yes. In the email I specified that if I am not registered, I request the casino to percent me from doing so. This was an email sent to a multitude of casinos and most of them complied. All the maila etc are attached in the complaint.

yael_mak há uma semana


It's obvious you did your best to keep yourself out of playing in those casinos.

Still, I'm just wondering now, did you receive an immediate reply from the Pelaa Casino? It comes t my mind that such requests can be handled by a special department - different from the usual customer department, in some casinos.

Radka há uma semana

I believe I did. This is the exact email that requests like this should be directed to. The way they handle customers is unfair. I hope my complaint helps resolve something.

yael_mak há uma semana

Ok, I just want to make sure that you used the correct email. 👍

Let's see how the complaint develops.

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Radka há uma semana

From what I’ve read on this website regarding Genesis group casinos, I don’t seem to be alone in this case. Sadly.

yael_mak há 6 dias

I guess you're not alone in this - yes.

We put so much effort to develop the truly unique global self-exclusion tool because we can see something like this is crucial nowadays. Sadly, it's quite a long run and it requires a huge amount of cooperation across the gambling industry.

Learn more, if you're interested:


Radka há 6 dias

I read about this earlier and it’s a truly important and valiant effort.

Editado pelo autor há 6 dias

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