Fórum Slots Gamomat reset times?

Gamomat reset times?

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So I was playing a Gamomat game and was awarded free spins. The game in question was Golden Egg of Crazy Chicken. I was playing with a 10 eur bet and got excited of the possible potential of the spins. However, the spins got interrupted and when I tried to go back, I got shown the default screen - not the free spins. I talked to the casino about this and they have forwarded this problem to the game provider.

Does anyone know if Gamomat games reset these situations automatically in some time period (meaning I will get my winnings automatically when the game resets) or is this always done manually by the provider and how long does this take?

yael_mak há uma semana

Hello. So to answer your question, if your bonus got interrupted, its has to be checked by provider manually, because its probably something unexpected.

Gamomat is one of the few providers that can save your bonus spin and you can play it later - so when you come to casino and open your game in few hours of hitting it, you will get in to the bonus - not much providers has this feature. But in your case, it probably has some error and need to be checked.

To understand it little more deep - every spin has unique number and only provider can check what happend, thats why casino have to forward problem to Gamomat. I think that it wont be problem for them to give you back your bonus.

Let us know with updates or any other questions 🙂

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