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• há 16 horas
Original Tradução
Now I can say more about this casino . Verification take around 18 h I was so stressed after reading all this comments but go very fast and nice. Something about winning , it's possible to win and it's like everywhere risk , and lucky . Can you have big win yes I got few times . About take money out only one think it's very difficult if you win big money more then 5000 euro it take time to take out the limit its very low , but i understand why is like that if you play you can loses its risk . In my opinion and my situation it's very nice casino , good suport they are write beck very quickly help me few times and was no problem , take money take around 1 day ( my fastest 6h). Good luck.
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  • Fast verification
  • Good suport
  • Withdrawal fast
  • Good games
  • Nice website
  • Limit withdrawal
  • Sometime games it's freezing
• há 19 horas
Original Tradução
Casino muito bonito. Adorável tanto em termos de design quanto de interface. Existem muitos jogos, a escolha é simplesmente enorme. Há também muitos bônus. Não há nada a reclamar, eu gosto de jogar. :)
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• há 20 horas
Original Tradução
I just got scamed by them,deposited my money on sport betting,used first deposit bonus,settled 30+ bets with odds more then 1.8 and my wager was still 0...contacted support several times and always the same apologies that my case escalated and that they are working on solving the problem,they only delay so you end up losing all your money...worst experience ever,not the first time i got scamed like this...thanks
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• há 21 horas
Original Tradução
Every time I entered a free spins round in a slot game, the page refreshed. Eventually, it refreshed during a free spins round whilst playing Blazing Flames Wowpot and it was like I never entered the round at all. I only managed a few free spins before the page refreshed. I spoke to CS for more than a week and they gave me no reason. I suspect games are rigged. No compensation was forthcoming for this game taking me out of a free spins round.
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  • Good selection of games
  • Low RTP and high variance
  • CS are very slow
  • Complaints not taken seriously
• ontem
Original Tradução
Whats really shocked me the most about this platform , besides how easy it is to navigate and use all the functionality at your finger tips using a cell phone for instance is the players. This community is out of this world on how welcoming and encouraging they are with everyone . From the day i got lucky and found this site on multiple forums because of its release and the constant updating the developer has put into the site cannot go without recognition . This developer is a genius , he understands what it takes to get players to jump in and stay in especially with the faucet being so simple to obtain , literally all you have to do is click claim faucet and its now in your wallet and playable .

The fun part for me besides all the great people who regular the site is coming up with my own strategy to go from faucet to my first withdrawal at the minimum that the site required me to meet. Sure ive done multiple deposits myself that way surpassed the minimum withdrawal req but i was having more fun with the challenge of starting from the bottom and trying to get as high as i could in bch sats and find ways to make my own strategy to see how fast i could go from the 200sat faucet offering to the min.req amount to withdrawal.
One other thing thats has got in its back pocket is how amazing the "rain" feature works , its so amazing and if you guys ever want to see the napalm of rain just be in the chat lobby when the all mighty "Jet" does his fly by in the lobby and rains on lucky active users in the chat. The rain Jet unleashes are BIG , big enough to get a huge start on the road to hitting 1bch . All of the things and so much ive not even mentioned about this site leaves you feeling pretty special , engaged , excited , and with how simple it is to log on anytime with just typing in the url and BAM your in the games is addicting . Its great way to pass time any moment you need to or just for fun. My hats off to the developer here! His coding *muah* , layout , simplicity , functionality , constant updates and tailoring is going to make the developer a legend. Join the discord server to see cool things also , even get to see they have VIP members who have earned their rank by being apart of the growth of the website. Overall , if was not worth everyone trying out , i would not have made this account today to post about the platform . Give it a try guys , talk in the chat , its the best community ive ever experienced an online casino . Hats also go off the the MODS ! keep doing what your doing! Keep building this empire you have done such a good job at doing so far. Literally going to leave a place in the crypto history books without a doubt .

Thank your for showing me how fun it can be to get back in a lobby and chat again and make friends from all around the world while doing it .
It would be an honor to help beta test future release updates in the future if it ever arises![/i]

sincerely ,
Todd A.

AKA: MrTheFox
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  • Community
• ontem
Original Tradução
Qualquer coisa falsa que não esteja neste site é legítima
Abriu conta e fechou imediatamente

  • __________________________________________________________
  • :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :: ::::::::::::::::::::::
  • Para mim o mais puro roubo
  • Grande Fraude Silenciosa
  • golpistas e criminosos
  • Tudo manipulado
  • máfia dos jogos de azar
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• ontem
Original Tradução
O suporte via e-mail leva de 3 a 4 dias para obter uma resposta.
As retiradas demoram muito. Agora esperou 7 dias, nunca experimentou um tempo de processamento tão ruim para saques em nenhum cassino
Percentual de pagamento ruim em jogos
Não recomendado!!!
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  • Depósitos rápidos
  • Suporte lento
  • Longos tempos de espera para pagamentos
  • Percentual de vitória ruim para o que você joga
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• ontem
Original Tradução
After I won a had burst several deposit with this casino I took a break and came back to play again with them I ask casino CSR to look into my account to see if the account had been verified with my winning around $450 they claimed I had dupplicated account and never paid me my winning yet still keep on sending me promotional emails... Lame casino don't waste your tiime and money at casinos that do this.
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  • good luck getting pay for the reviews are reals, steer clear fomr this caisno and it's ssisters site.
  • my lesson cost me several deposit and I hope that people will not need to waste time with this casino.
  • this casino will find reasons to not pay out.
• ontem
Original Tradução
If you are playing with hopes of eventual payout, i would never suggest this casino. They can claim whatever they want on the rules/policy pages, but they will blatantly not follow and you are stuck for months trying to recv your payments. I have played with this casino for at least 8 years or so....and YES they do pay as long as you follow terms, but expect payment in about 4-6 months.
  • Eventually pay
  • Payout is ridiculously long 4-6 months
  • Customer service cannot help at all. They all claiming to have no access other than to look into your account and for you to check back in 3 business days( they famous quote)
• há 2 dias
Original Tradução
This casino is really admirable, with good games, nice bonuses. Quick and easy to use. I won a decent sum from here last year. They always paid on time. Verification is fast, support is friendly and helpful.
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